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tv   KPIX 5 News Sunday Morning Edition  CW  May 19, 2013 8:30am-9:31am PDT

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race - happening now, a live look at the running of the it's a big morning in the city. an epic san francisco foot race happening right now. the run- running of the 102 bay tobay to raeckers underway. >> and they're heading to santa rosa for the final stage of the tour. >> the sun is shining for all of the events going on. a 30 -- it's sunday, may 19th at 8:30. >> i'm ann. >> and i'll phil. they wrapping up a statewide race race and heading from san francisco to santa rosa. look at that map. the eighth tour of california
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began at 8:15 along marina green in san francisco. the cyclists crossing the golden gate bridge and did that and they making their way, continuing on with the 81-mile trek north to the finish line in santa rosa. >> and we have a view from the air. a live look of those cyclists making their way. the chp first closed down the golden gate bridge to vehicles. the riders past the bridge right now north of the bridge. the tour began last sunday in escondido down in southern california. and by the end of today, the cyclists will have travelled more than 750 miles of california coastlines and roadways. and some scary news from yesterday along the tour route. a chp officer controlling traffic during yesterday's race through contra costa county was injured in a car crash in a motorcycle in marsh creek road when the car suddenly turned in
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front of him causing the collision. there the officer was airlifted to a hospital in walnut creek. the good news, the chp is doing well and released from the hospital later today. and, of course, we have the beta breakers race going on now through san francisco. with all of these activities going on around the city, the best advice is to leave your car at home. elizabeth wenger with other routes if you're driving in the city today. good morning. we have a couple of big events happening around san francisco that could cause some pretty big traffic tieups. first, the final stage of the amgen tour of california. starts at marina green at 8:15 this morning and then the riders are heading north toward sausalito, eventually ending in santa rosa. the golden gate bridge is reducing lanes to accommodate the bicycle riders until later on this morning. if that was not enough, we, of course, have beta breakers. kicked off at howard and biel,
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runners and walkers heading to alamo square to the hill and golden gate park and eventualliening up by the great highway. roads are closed around the course and your best bet, use mass transit. they started earlier. caltrain is stepping up service and uni is adding shuttles to get racers to and from the event. i hope that helped you a void a backup today and enjoy the rest of the weekend. >> it should be very nice out there. get out there and enjoy it. looks like nothing but clear skies. >> and we'll have more on the race day forecast. >> a gorgeous sunrise this morning and there is plenty of sun in the bay area. the numbers are running three to five degrees warmer than yesterday. right now, we're near 60 degrees for just about all of the bay area and for today, we expect things to warm up with plenty of sun and temperatures peaking tomorrow, warmer on monday and then a big time cool down on kids. we'll have -- on tuesday.
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we'll have the entire forecast for you. sunday, we'll live up to its name and be sure to go out and enjoy. phil? >> and good. the beta breaker's gotten rolling about 7:00 this morning. >> it started at havard and main street and they crossing the finish line. we have seen the winners cross the finish line and the stragglers. they'll be out there the next few hours. >> and -- >> looking at the race route in san francisco. the rolling street closures as the racers make their way across the city by the bay. >> and have you heard this line before? new questions on the eastern span of the bay bridge. >> and relies on thousands of the steel tendons used to strengthen the skyway. the sacramento bee said there are concerns about the corrosions on the tend opposite. engineers reportedly discovered in 2006 the ducts containing the tendops had been leftup sealed during construction and that, in turn, lead them -- led
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them to be exposed to rainfall and the salty mist on the bay. they found they had little corrosion, good news, but others are raising doubts about the testing methods to say whether that was valid or not. meanwhile, more bay area headlines. beachgoers are told to avoid a stretch of marin county coast line following a sewage spill. the sanitation officials say that 3300 gallons of non- treated wastewater drained in the san francisco bay on wednesday after a telephone contractor accidentally broke a pipe. the tests on water samples taken after the spill should be finished by early next week. and the 49ers stadium in santa clara made the -- may be home to super bowl l in 2016. on tuesday, san francisco and the bay area's big committee will present the final proposal to the nfl owners in boston and that is going to happen at 7:30 in the morning and they will make a final decision on the fate of where that goes. miami is the bay area's main
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challenger for the event and florida's bid took a bit of a fall after they refused plans to upgrade to dolphin stadium. federal investigators in connecticut are closely examining a broken section of rail following the commuter train crash. the collision and derailment of two metro north trains on friday night left more than 70 people injured. now a member of the ntsb said a fractured section of rail is of substantial interest to investigators. a portion of the track is going to a lab for analysis. >> the mission is to understand not just what happened but why it happened and to determine ways from preventing it from happening again. >> they don't believe the accident was a result of sabotage or foul play. in addition to the rail section, they're examining information from the data recorders from those two trains. and up to 60 people are hurt after a man drove into them during a parade in virginia this weekend. >> and it took emergency crews coming in and they had to lift
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the car off of the peeled injured. three were lifted to air -- air lifted to hospitals. the driver was an elderly man who authorities believe may have suffered a medical emergency before the car suddenly accelerated. check this out. a massive storm cell spawned several tornados in kansas. this is one of them and that twister missed tearing a part a small town. after this tornado blew through, another touched down in the same area. believe it or not, neither caused damage or injuries. >> that is amazing video, though. all right, that is really close. some people got close to the powerball but no cigar. there was a close ticket in the south bay. >> that's right, missed it by one number. the powerball lottery officials said someone in florida matched all six numbers for last night's record $590 million drawing. and in case you're wondering, the winning numbers were 10, 13, 14, 22, 52 and with the powerball, 11. we also know that two tickets
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in california matched the first five numbers. without the powerball and one was purchased at a seven-11 store in san jose and other in kearn county. it's not clear how much money the tickets will be worth. the frenzy, you know, for the powerball was wild here in california, which became a member of the powerball nation only last month. we were seeing sales of $10,000 worth of tickets every minute and leading up to last night's big drawing. >> younow how close i was, though? six numbers away. [ laughter ] >> no cigar, better luck next time. coming up. >> another look at the federal takeover of the oakland police department. how much it's going to cost taxpayers. >> and this is an interesting story. he doesn't have arms or legs, but he's hitting the water big time. the big challenge he'll take on this morning. city . >> and i mean there is always a knucklehead factor. >> and we're seeing more
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officers along the race route from bay to raeckers today. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf... is more fun than ever. sees better than ever. ♪ charges faster. and will charge. cool. and heat. from your phone. fact: leaf never needs gas. ever. good for the world. built in america. now, leaf's an easier choice than ever. ♪ shop at ♪ . >> a beautiful sunday as daniel bop in 1972, o pine. you don't remember daniel boone the singer? come on. sunshine at the golden gate blame.
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. a live look right now above the great highway in san francisco. can you see some of about 100,000 runners making their way to the finish line. the 10 2nd bay to breakers underway as we speak. you know, the thing gets crazier as the morning gets on. you see some of the drunk people arriving. >> celplants. they're -- celebrants. >> i'm going to call them naked drunk people. >> it's the floating party, a combination of athletic event and mardi gras. sometimes it gets out of hand and today, it looks like it's just a good time for everybody, so far. >> and we'll continue to monitor that throughout the broad a -- broadcast and the security is the tightest we have ever seen. >> and that is why we turn to the former mayor willie brown. why the high visibility?
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>> i think it reassures the public and gives us that many more cops to engage the next 100,000 people out there. >> those lead runners? >> yeah. >> they take off like they saw something. >> that's right. >> and that is unbelievable. >> in addition to what -- trying to prevent a reoccurrence of bostonner you have the usual sort of may them that goes with beta breaker -- bay too breakers, which has been touchy in recent years, right? there is always a knucklehead factor, and we try to pick our spots and we'll escort people off not registered. yeah, you know. there is a ton of people that jump in after the start. they, so they can avoid paying and to avoid the crush of people. that is not going to be go different, i think that this time, like ied, we're not going to interrupt the race, but you run the risk of getting asked off. >> how many people do you think are out there? >> cops? >> yeah. >> i will say hundreds.
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how's that? >> that is okay. we'll go with hundreds. >> and you have an extra set of eyes on the bomb squad? >> no, we have -- we have cameras that will be -- all the television cameras are going to be out there [bad audio] >> so far so good, right? yeah. >> me problems and be sure we keep it that way. we have mostly clear skies on your sunday morning. and as we go out and look live, you can see the runners are doing what i would be doing. taking my shirt off and milling about and that is about my speed and hopefully everyone is having a good time. nothing but sun out it and -- there and the temperatures around the bay area. at the airport, 57 degrees; oakland, 60. and santa rosa with 60 and to
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that bay bridge with liver more in the 60s now and in addition to everything happening, the as will find the royals game and the temperature then, 72 degrees and which is warmer than it was in oakland yesterday. and too much of a warming trend, in fact and noaa takes a look. samples the nation's rainfall and has declared us officially to be in a moderate drought in northern california. southern california in a severe drought. and nothing the next week or two will help that. probably nothing all season will help us with that, our rainfall, of course, falling into winter and the autumn and high pressure over the pacific to keep us dry. dry and warm for now, warming up on monday. the low pressure out of the gulf of alaska heading south, cooling us down on tuesday. you will notice that cold air coming down, the northwesterly
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wind is a slap in the face on tuesday and that is after the best beach day of the week, which, of course s monday. and 94 degrees at redding; 94, sacramento; 95 at fresno. heading out of the bay area, and the aquarium looks nice. seventy degrees in cannery row. the pinpoint forecast for the bay area. france today at 71 and very pleasant in the city and oakland up to that 77. in the east bay, concord, pleasant onin the mid-80s and the extended forecast, notice the cooldown on tuesday. we'll drop the highs about 10 degrees and they'll stay there. there is no distinct trend coming in next weekend and back to mild weather to keep it there until next saturday and sunday. >> wow. >> have a good one. >> there we go. >> thank you. >> all right. and this is an inspiring story. right now, a man born without legs or arms is one of the hundreds of swimmers in the san francisco bay, part of the shark fest swim from alcatraz. he was practicing on the bay yesterday. he's from pennsylvania and did a 4 1/2-mile swim across the
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chesapeake bay last year. he swims just for the love of it. >> i started doing the competitive swimming five years ago because i got a good rush out of it and enjoyed it and it was fun for me. it kind of surprised me how spoil pond -- people responded to it and how they were inspired by it. it's a note side affect of me getting out there and challenging myself. >> and after today's event, he turns his focus again to the chesapeake bay swim hill in a couple of weeks. and we have your giants and as highlights. >> that's right, the stunning overtime play-off game for the san jose sharks as well and vern glen has it all. >> reporter: hey, good morning, everybody. why am i alone in the parking lot with hp pavilion as my backdrop? the san jose sharks last night really put on a show in overtime fashion against the kings. let's just roll it up and the
8:47 am
crowd is boisterous and lit the lamp. the sharks strike first. the game to overtime and with a man advantage and just like that! >> past jonathan quick, the sharks trail 2-1 and trail in the series. timlinsy company and the giants gave up 10 runs yesterday andlinsy company, six innings, gave up six runs and this is that home run and clobbered, 10- 2. and to the coliseum, and going for two straight and that is brandon moss. the final of 2-1. there will be no triple crown ripper or from the kentucky derby, coming in 4th. oxbo, a 15-1 shot would win the preakness in downtown baltimore and that is it for sports at this hour. coming back at you later on this sunday with more from the world of sports.
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we'll see you later, everybody. >> all right. it was just a year ago when four people underwent a kidmy transplant. >> this weekend, three of the four recipients had a reunion, taking part in a unique kidney exchange program at california pacific medical center. a computer program increased the chances for a match for a multiple transplant. santa rosa resident bonnie morris was one of the recipients. >> and when we finally met each other a couple of weeks after the surgery, we made a vow to each other we would meet again on the one-year anniversary to celebrate the miracle of us all being here. >> one of the other resip yens said what made his transplant special was he got it from someone he knew instead of a stranger. and i stress, kidney donation is a life-saving gift that anyone can give. coming up, the price tag for the federal takeover of the oakland police department. >> and the big question for the
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acting chief, who is really in charge? his response. next. ,, goodnight. thanks, olivia. thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell to almost anyone's phone or email. (speaking french) so you can express your gratitude... in the moment.
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. taking a live look right now, above the finish line for the bay to breakers, 10 2nd running of the bay to breakers, an annual tradition in san francisco. that is the finish line at ocean beach. it started in seena at -- soma at 7:00 thisorcouple of
8:52 am
hours. the winners have been crowned and now, we have three people who are bringing up the tail. people who are drinking and wearing costumes. >> they still running. the tails walk, okay in. >> and they may not make it this far. a live look above the ocean, the finish line of the bay-to- breakers race. >> and it's becoming increasingly core they will carry a hefty pricetag for taxpayers. they ordered to pay $270,000 a year and benefits and a support team that could make $375,000 expenses for computers, radios, tech support and a fingerprint reader. the whole package exceeds $2 million. meanwhile, oakland is in the middle of a nationwide search for another new police chief. >> and we talked to the acting chief sean wentz. my first question from the outside, could looks like
8:53 am
things are tumultous in the lpd. what is going on in the inside? >> it's not as tummulateeous on the inside as the outside. we had a change of command last week but the shift didn't change course. i don't think that it was nearly as sum outeous on the inside as it -- tumultous on the inside as it appeared. >> i am running the show. i'm the police chief and there are certain things i have to check with them about and day- to-day, i'm making the decisions. >> a few days before you were sworn in, oakland was named the robbery capitol of the u.s. obviously embarrassing, what is done about that? >> that is not a title we want to have. we're going to fix that and shortly, we're hoping to roll out our neighborhood district plan citywide. and with the captain in charge of each year. it's kind of a chief recommendation and that the city hire experts in the field to give us a crime reduction plan and that is at the core of
8:54 am
it. >> and robberies, burglaries, obviously, problem, but violent crime is huge. one of the most violent cities in the u.s. as well. how do you balance the priorities? >> we're still using operation cease fire, our cease fire initiative. it's effective in our first run of it, and so if we can replicate that, and go further, that should have a good effect on violent crime. >> we heard a lot of reports coming out recently, advice from consultants and advice from the feds. what do you think needs to be done to make things work better? >> and we need to organize in the department based off of the plan we need. it makes us more efficient, able to respond faster, and we're able to hold management -- for coming up with ways to reduce crime in their areas. i thank is a good way to go. >> and resources are obviously an issue. >> resources are a challenge. i try to fill the holes on the board and where do we get
8:55 am
someone from? that is a challenge. >> and it appears as if the department needs to rebuild trust with the community. and that is going to be the key on solving -- to solving a lot of crimes for people coming forward to give you tips. what are you doing about that? >> that is the key. well, we need to get the cops out of the neighborhood as much as possible and so, and really, out of the police car. so driving by in the police car, you don't make any relations request with anyone. getting out and riding a bicycle, walking, talking to people and that that is great. you get to meet people and establish the trust. as that improves, we'll get good cooperation from the community. >> we know there is a nationwide search going for a permanent police chief in oakland. you're the interim chief. big question, are you going to apply for the chief job? >> i haven't made that decision yet. us this far, this has been very -- and this is a good first week and makes it tempting. >> we know the last chief, though, stepped down supposedly
8:56 am
and -- we'll see how he does. >> the plan is to split oakland into five districts to get investigators and cops out more to interact with people. >> and being held accountable. >> the problem is, they're down 200 police officers. the question, do they have enough police to implement the plan that everyone is talking about and, so far, the answer -- answer is no. >> the mayor is going to continue to fight for -- [ indiscernible ] >> and that is going to take time. >> yeah video. and mean mile -- meanwhile, the tour of california is underway. >> when it comes to cracking down on speeding, some places are stricter than others. the bay area cities you are likely to get a ticket. >> and the 10 2nd running of the bay to breakers. the security changes for today's race. st cyclist world - now in marin county. a lookt
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the final stage of the tourf california. and a big sports weened in s best cyclists in the world and they're in marin county. a look at the final stage of the tour of california. >> and it's been a big weekend in san francisco. also, the runnings of the 10 2nd bay to breakers going on now. runners took off at 7:00 a.m. from the starting line at howard and main. >> welcome back to kpix5 this morning. the time is 8:59.
9:00 am
it's may 19th, it's bay to breakers game. i'm phil. >> and i'm ann. thank you for starting your sunday with us. and let's go straight to bay to breakers going on as we speak in san francisco. >> with a lot of colorful costumes. so far, no major security incidents. >> and the race winner among the men is toluca -- [ indiscernible ] of ethiopia and diane matiere johnson from africa is the women's winner. kpix 5s alyssa harrington reports from the starting line. >> reporter: there are new rules this year. first of all, leave your large backpacks at home. you can't bring a bag any larger than this, 8 by 5 by 411 by 4 inches. this is the beta breakers race and 100,000 people are expected to participate as people who are running, watching, or maybe just wearing a crazy costume and joining in. today's race started with a moment of silence. the runners remembered the victims of the boston marathon bombings that happened last
9:01 am
month. organizers, police, and city officials where have been working together to increase security at this year's race. there are more officers, some security cameras, clear garbage cans, and a see-something/say- something campaign and they aware of surroundings. most people won't notice these changes and they want people to feel safe and have fun. >> reporting in downtown san francisco, alyssa, harrington. >> go to kpix too breakers. meantime, the world's top cyclists are wrapping up a statewide race here in the area. the eighth and final stage of the amgen tour of california. it began along 8:15 on san francisco's marina green. riders making their way across the iconic golden gate bridge and they in marin county in the process of pedaling 81 miles
9:02 am
north and they're finishing in santa rosa. >> and this is a together of the tour as they made their way out of san francisco and to santa rosa and this is at the malone acquit a collection and -- the marine acquit a collection. >> one -- marina, quite a collection. >> when it's all citizen and -- said and done, they will have travelled 750 miles. they started days ago in escondido in southern california. and, boy, beautiful sunny skies. >> and other evens as well, brian? >> on the bay-to-breakers can sometimes be foggy and cold and windy. none of that this morning. temperatures are running above yesterday at this time and we'll warm a few degrees and that is a bright looking picture. 64 degrees at concord; oakland, 62; livermore, 62; santa rosa, 64 and we're look at nothing but sun out of the door for
9:03 am
whatever you doing. you will find plenty of sunshine the next hour and into some mid-60s and around the beaches today. there is not a puff of low clouds. just a good beach day and it will warm up and then it will cool down bigtime. we'll have the entire forecast a few minutes from now. phil and ann? >> all right. and checking other immediatelines this morning. -- other headlines it morning. >> tomorrow is a best way to register to vote for santa clara county supervisor. the cigarette vote is june 4th and it will decide who represents district 2. the winner will replace this guy who pleaded guilty to misusing money from taxpayers and campaign donors. six candidates are on the ballot. >> and a ton isford research group is offering motorists a place to ditch their cars. they have a smart phone app called my beats measuring the frequency and distance that staff and students walk or bike into campus. they earn credits for opting not to drive during rush hour and can be spent in an online
9:04 am
game that pays cash prizes between 2 and $50. another event this weekend in san francisco. the ninth annual festival, held at the heart of the civic center and went on yesterday. the festivities including a live band, asian heritage, arts and crafts. and to national headlines. the boy scouts of america may change the ban on gay members. >> they're meeting tomorrow and the national council will vote on whether to end the century old policy denying membership based on orientation. a group of conservative scout chapters are threatening to defect from the group if the ban is even officially -- partially lifted and united airlines is resuming flights tomorrow with the boeing 787 dreamliner. unite side the only american carrier with dreamliners on the flight and had to ground six of the planes in january after
9:05 am
fires happened on other dreamliners blamed and they were blamed on thatircraft's lithium ion system. [ inaudible ] david beckham's last home game was last night. he helped paris saint germaine to a 3-1 win before leaving the field in tears and hugs and to a standing ovation from fans. and he announced his retirement. by the end of the weekend, 2,000 people will have taken advantage of the free dental. the volunteers from the dental association are providing cleanings and fillings and tooth extraction says for free. the need for dental care in california eased
9:06 am
significantly after -- [ indiscernible ] >> how long have you been here? >> since 11:30 last nit. -- night. >> i'm a full-time single mother. yes, something like this is unbelievable. >> and the association will -- [ indiscernible ] next week, fans will get a chance to honor the golden state warriors. a celebration is planned in san francisco, which some say seems off. >> well, i don't think it's off for me, you know. golden state warriors has been the bay area's team for over 50 years. we want it to be the next 50 years. i have a special liking to steph curry and the young leaders and players of the team. i went to almost every play-off game even though it was in oakland, we celebrated it as well. >> on tuesday, the mayor -- a key to the city for setting the all-time nba record for 3- pointers made in the regular
9:07 am
season. the mayor will declare may 21st golden state warriors day. a new savings for the irs scandal. >> and the final stage of the tour of california. the amazing view from the starting line into marin county. >> the traffic stop is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you going to get. >> and you will get a kick, the bay area city where you are most and least likely to get nabbed for speeding. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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((ad lib scene)) more than one >> as you look at the gold know bait bridge. ,, ,, female narrator: the mattress price wars are on the mattress price wars are on at sleep train. we challenged the manufacturers to offer even lower prices. now it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with big savings of up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head
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with three years' interest-free financing. plus, free same-day delivery, set-up, and removal of your old set. when brands compete, you save. mattress price wars are on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ hu . >> let's look at this gorgeous shot a half an hour ago. more than 100 of the world's top cyclists are wrapping up a statewide race in the bay area. it's the 8th and final stage of the tour that began along san francisco's marina green at 8:15 this morning. you can see the cyclists crossed the golden gate bridge. right now, they're making their way, 81 miles north to the finish line in santa rosa. by the end of today, they will have travelled more than 750 miles of california coast lines and roadways since last suay.
9:11 am
that is a gorgeous day. >> speeders watch out. we crunched the numbers to find out where in the bay area you are likely to get a speeding ticket. michelle griego breaks it down in a story you will see only on kpix5. >> my day starts at 6:00 a.m. in the morning. >> reporter: officer russell is on the prowl looking for speeders. >> the traffic stop is like a box of chocolates. you never know what you're going to get. >> reporter: his patrol area. the quiet east bay town of moraga. the violent crime rate is one of the lowest in the state. speeders are a problem. like this pickup. >> he was speeding at 51 miles an hour. >> reporter: he writes three to 10 tickets a day but -- . >> no, there is no quotas. there is not a lot of issue quotas. >> reporter: as for speed traps. >> we don't have speed traps anywhere. >> reporter: he did take usfo one of the favorite hotspots on saint mary's road near veraga road. >> it's not a speed trap at all but a radar survey. >> reporter: that is true. if the road is surveyed by
9:12 am
police as having speeding issues, it's perfectly legal for police to lie in wait. when the speed limit 35, it's like shooting fish in a barrel. within seconds, the pedal's to the medal. >> i am going here to see if i can get a pace on him. >> reporter: a left-hand turn saved that driver from getting a ticket. he's in the minority. >> and you go five miles over the limit and you get it fixed. >> you have nothing better to do here. >> reporter: turns out moraga per capita gives out more speeding tickets than any other town in a kpix 5 survey. we gathered from other cities. novato gave you the the second most and san romean -- san ramon. the city with the fewest, san rafael, 55 speeding tickets for a town of more than 58,000. >> does that many there are no speeders here? >> no, that does not. >> the san rafael police captain said budget cuts are to
9:13 am
blame. >> in 2008, we had seven motor officers and in 2011, we had zero. >> do you think it's an imitation for people to say there are less police patrolling us, so, i guess we can speed now. >> i hope not. our officers do work traffic when they have free time. >> i think it's unfortunate if there is a speeding problem and they not issuing them. i think that would have to be addressed. >> reporter: think marin people don't speed as much as the east bayer the south bay. how's that? >> reporter: back in moraga, it's business as usual. this time, the officer sits at another of his favorite spots, a shady pullover on morag away past miramonte drive. -- moraga way past mira possibilitiy drive. >> it didn't take long. >> is this car registered to you? >> it's a car load of students. >> apparently i was speeding. >> reporter: they all seemed surprised about the results of
9:14 am
our speeding ticket survey. >> i thought moraga was a slow- moving little town. >> reporter: they got lucky, no ticket this time. >> having a good attitude helps. >> reporter: michelle griego, kpix 5. >> to see how your city takes up, go to www.wp -- and check out our survey of 32 cities. >> where are you going to speed in san rafael, anyway? >> exactly. >> on the way to jackson hardware, i think there is a long straightaway and that is about it. >> exactly. >> and at moraga, they have wide open roads in places and you come off of the freeway and forget you're on the country road. >> a crime of opportunity. >> you're reminded about it, a big hurry apparently. plenty of sunshine around the bay area and temperatures are running as much as 12 degrees warmer than yesterday. santa rosa's distinctly warmer, which i guess the bicyclists like. i guess. 64 degrees at concord; 64 in santa rosa. san jose with 61 and 59 at the
9:15 am
airport at sfo. plenty of sun today from the beach to the mountains. temperatures will peak on monday and they'll be warmer tomorrow. then, we will cool off suddenly and dramatically on tuesday. there is no rain associated with the low pressure that is coming down from the gulf of alaska and this is by itself, as it does, it brings temperatures down on tuesday. tomorrow, the high pressure, you know, you get a deep wave in the ocean and a large crest in front of it. we have the large crest of high pressure in advance of the low. and as that high builds, it warms up on monday and comes the trough. we cool down on tuesday. for fun, let's so what is happening across the rest of the country. we have 80s mostly when you go east of denver. new york city's got 76 degrees and rain in the forecast for tomorrow. the temperatures are in the 80s all week at d.c. pinpoint forecast back in the northern california area, 92 at u coya. 95 -- ukaiah and 95 at yosemite and fresno. in the bay area, a beautiful
9:16 am
sunday. get out and enjoy it. 71 in san francisco; 80 in san jose and 82 at the finish line in santa rosa and 86 at livermore. this is your extended forecast. eightys today, the peak tomorrow and look what happens on tuesday. the numbers come down after the set of car keys on tuday. d then they stay there. not getting cool or wednesday and thursday, and there is no distinct warming or cooling trend after tuesday. so, we'll get into the 70s and we will stay there. it will be like a saturday night feverinatemare -- nightmare. >> that is a famous sound track. >> not that bad. >> i keep wanting to toss back to you and say someone dawned. >> why? >> the everly brothers. >> let's not do that, all right? >> okay. >> thanks, brian. >> bye-bye love. [ laughter ] powerball fans moving on, you know, the reason i'm here, they didn't win the japot last night. >> and that's right. they want you to check -- . >> i had quintuplets.
9:17 am
>> did you? jot odds were the same. >> exactly? >> -- . >> the odds were the same. >> exactly. >> a south bay person missed it by one number. >> that has to be tough. someone in florida matched all six numbers for last night's record, $590 million drawing, in case you were wondering. >> the winning numbers were 10, 13, 14, 22, 52. the point of view or ball was 11. i don't know if they're lucky or they will -- powerball was 11. i don't know if they're lucky but two tickets in california matched the first five numbers and there is a payout without the powerball. one was bought at a 7-eleven in sapp hoy -- in san jose and another in kearn county; it's not clear, exactly, what the winning payout on those are going to be just yet. the frenzy has been especially wild in california with powerball, becoming part of the became last -- game last month and this is an interesting stat. $10,000 worth of tickets were purchased every minute leading up to last night's big drawing.
9:18 am
pressure on the white house right now to answer questions about the irs canned sal -- scandal. >> the agency is facing accusations of political bias. plus, the political opsiders and the response from the president. next. ,,,,,,,,,,
9:19 am
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a stretch of marin county coastline following a sewage spill. sanitation officials say 33- hundred gallons of non-tread wastew francisco ba beachgoers are told to avoid a stretch of coastline because of a sewage spill. it drained in the san francisco bay on wednesday after a telephone contractor accidentally broke a pipe. the tests on water samples taken after the spill should be finished early next week. and the 49ers new stadium in santa clara may be the home for super bowl l in 2016. on tuesday, the san francisco bid committee will present the final proposal to the nfl owners in boston. at that 7:30 in the morning
9:21 am
meeting, team owners will decide where to put super bowl l. miamia is the bay area's main challenger for the game, but their bid took a hit after the florida lawmakers refused to help finance the upgrade the dolphins stadium in miami. questioning the ousted irs chairman accusing him of political bias. they said steven miller spent the last year singling out groupings. the criminal probe is now underway and miller responded carefully. >> i answered all questions truthfully. i did not mislead congress nor the american people. i answered all the questions i was asked. >> so your answer is. >> miller learned of the targeting last may two years after it started. the treasury secretary ordered the irs to review if it was a systemwide scandal. that report will be delivered to the president in a month. meanwhile, we turn to the former mayor willie brown and
9:22 am
san franciscocon cell -- chronicle's jerry g arofoli. what was president obama's reaction to this. he didn't react naturally like you and i have, especially the require -- with the irs and ap fallout. >> can't seem -- . >> i am sorry to tell you that is natural for him. [ laughter ] >> his reactions are natural. that is who he is. he's been a social worker pastorial responder to everything. zero emotions. you won't get him to do that, though. that is not how he operates. he measures every single solitary thing, meaning at no point does his pressure ride. >> he doesn't -- you want him to feel the passion of these things and there is a disconnection. takes him three days to say that was outrageous. there is a distance. especially with the irs. the irs touches everything, every american. >> and most of the crs
9:23 am
have gontheyaiting fothe leader ordinarily, you would have to attribute the conduct of the irs and the justice department to the white house. >> right. >> and they don't want to do that, since they democrats. >> they're hoping that the republicans will shoot themselves on this. they hoping that this works itself out and the the committee and the people get tired of the drip, drips are drip. there is not a direct connection to the white house on a couple of the issues. they should have known but they, you know, right now, obama's fingerprints are not on it. >> i have to tell you, the testimony by mr. miller will be examined closely. he was the guy, the acting director of the irs and if he says anything that relates to anybody connected to the white house, mr. obama will be in trouble. >> and coming up, a last look at the morning's stories. >> and a few races taking over the bay area, including the
9:24 am
final stage of the tour of california going on as we speak. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
9:25 am
9:26 am
the bay to breakers race pl out in san . well, welcome back. let's look at the morning's top stories. in this case, races. >> two big events going on in the bay area right now. the the bay too breakers race played out this morning starting at 7:00 and is still going on throughout the streets citywide. security is tighter this year. san francisco police said that they say 25% more officers are on patrol than they have in previous years. feeds from closed certainty cameras being monitored in realtime. that is, again, look at the starting line and this is a look at the finish line from high above chopper 5. the winners, tolusa sufi of
9:27 am
ethiopia finished first among men. diane nikeri johnson from africa is the top women's finisher. she finished eighth in last month's boston marathon. >> and meanwhile, we have more than 100 of the world's top cyclists wrapping up the statewide race in the bay area later today as well. the eighth and final stage of the tour began an hour ago along san francisco's marina green. now, cyclists here, can you see they crossed the golden gate bridge and they were immediatelying up north -- they were heading up north. it will end in santa rosa this afternoon and covers a distance of 80, 81 miles. the riders began the race at escondido last sunday. by the end of the day, they will have travelled more than 750 miles along the california coast lines and roadways. >> and it's a gorgeous day for all of the activities around the area. brian? >> and it's nice today. we have clear skies from the mountains to the coast. there is no low clouds with shoreline and that is a good beach day. we're starting out with numbers near 60 degrees for the bay
9:28 am
area and they running as muc as 12 degrees warmer than they were yesterday at this time. plenty of sun today. the temperatures will peak on monday. tomorrow, the numbers will be nearly 90 degrees inland and that will cool down but big time on tuesday. and the extended forecast is calling for numbers to stay in the 80s today and tomorrow. but then they will go into the 70s. can you see on the time lapse here, there is nothing out there. the high pressure is over the pacific, as long as that remains true, we'll remain stuny -- sunny and that is true through the end of the week. >> no clouds, no rain, no surprises. >> and we can use the rain but we never get rain this time of the year, rarely. >> and we're going to enjoy it in the meantime, we want to leave you with the iconic shot and this is the postcard for the tour of california. the 111th cyclists crossing the golden gate bridge earlier this morning. enjoy the sunshine whatever do you today. thank you for joining us. ,,,,,,,, ,,
9:29 am
9:30 am
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